MultiTasking Sup!

The first board designed and patented for people with disabilities


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Stand Up Paddle

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Sup Kids

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Freedom and Autonomy in the Water

Multitasking Sup for the Disabled

Water is an element in which even a person with physical disabilities can feel comfortable and fully express themselves, now disabled people have two new aids specially designed for them.

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    Optimist Sup

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    MultiTasking Sup + WINDSUP SAIL

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    Sup MultiTasking + Sup Kids

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    MultiTasking Sup + Optimist Sail

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    WindSup Sail 4.0

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    SUP Kids

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Why choose Flo’Sail

Hydrodynamic Performance

This Multitasking SUP’s patented features increase hydrodynamic performance and provide stability even when navigating choppywaves.

Materials and Technology

Our welding and laminates are particularly resistant to external influences (UV rays, salt, etc.)  This MultiTasking SUP’s robust construction technology renders it highly resistant to wear, tear and chafing and thus ideal for training and rental activities.


The board’s Italian design is absolutely unique, its curved looped shape, in addition to providing a hydrodynamic advantage, makes the board immediately recognizable. 


An innovation patented by Flo’sail, the backrest functions as a support:  is ideal when rescuing people in difficulty.

Optimist Sailing

The Multitasking board fits an original Optimist sail designed for supine navigation – the ideal solution for people with disabilities and those who want to enjoy the wind and the sea in peace.

WindSup Sailing

The Multitasking board fits a mast base foot with a cardan joint on which a classic, commercially available Windsup sail can be fitted.


Flo’sail, with its patented innovate features allows disabled or mobility-impaired people to access water sports.


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Our product is of high quality and with extreme peace of mind we offer a guarantee on all its components.

The waves will rise on tiptoe to kiss your neck and murmur in your ears.