Flo’Sail SUP is a lifestyle – much more than just a sport!

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The Beach of the Future!

It is no easy task to design and build the beach of the future. The focus is almost always on ecology, technology, food and comfort rather than on how to make the most of bathing and swimming in the sea, which, after all the real aim of a beachside vacation. 

Beaches are bounded by the sea but despite this, too little is done for bathing.

The managers of bathing establishments and beachside businesses should never forget this. They should step up to embrace fresh new ideas! For too long inertia has ruled in this respect. Holidaymakers need to understand the many new exciting activities can be done out at sea.

The future of bathing will belong to those who know how to create and provide innovative conditions for holidaymakers to enjoy beyond the waves. That is why we are championing a new man-beach-sea relationship. This is the aim of the “Outdoor SUP System” programme.